Bienvenue sur la seule page web de l'univers dédiée à Money Idol Exchanger


Tellement toute seule, que je vais l'écrire in English.

this page is sponsored by the TenPointers, boys band.

First of all ... What the heck is Money Idol Exchanger ?

Listen well, young man, you'll need all your intelligence to understand the beauty and all-that-kind-of-stuff that lies within this fantastic game.

Here, take a look:

As you can see, SNK-Glish strikes again...

This game is a refexion game . That means you have to use your brain in order to win . Go away, beefcake. Cuz you REALLY need a pretty piece of smartness if you wanna be good at Money Idol Exchanger ! (have you noticed the game is called "Money Puzzle Exchanger" ? So why am I calling it "Money Idol Exchanger" ? I dunno, I've always called it "Money Idol Exchanger" . Anyway, who cares)

What are the rules of this game, Master ?

Yes, indeed a true master of this game I am. Me you can master call me. ( let's stop that crappy Yoda speech in SNK-glish. The rules of this game are complex enough already)

You control a cursor. With the A button, you get the coins you're aiming at. You can only take coins of the same value, but you can take many of them. If you aim at other coins of the same value, you can also take them. With the B button, you release all the coins you grabbed at the same time. Beware, you could reach the lower limit !

There are two keywords in the name of that game : MONEY and EXCHANGER . Have you ever dreamt to be that guy in the bank that takes your money and give you the same amount in an other currency unit ? No ? What if this guy was wearing one of those cool ultraman-like, japanese superfighters-like outfits ? I see interest in your eyes, young boy ...

Now here's an in-depth look at the rules :
You have many kinds of coins in that game : 1 yen, 5 yens, 10 yens, 50 yens, 100 yens, and ultimately 500 yens. Here are the rules of EXCHANGING !

1 yen x 5 >>> 5 yens !
5 yens x 2 >>> 10 yens !!!
10 yens x 5 >>> 50 yens !!!!!!
50 yens x 2 >>> 100 yens !!!!!!!!!
100 yens x 5 >>> 500 yens !!!!!!!!!!!!
500 yens x 2 >>> vanishing .

This is the primal rule of this game . Forget it, and you're history. Game over .

You can place the coins just the way you want. In order to transform them, they have to be in contact, that's all. This means everything is possible, except for diagonals. Sorry...

Now you might want to know more about 500 yen coins . You read well: they disappear when you put them together, liberating more space for you. Did I forget to mention that new coins appear regularly, and that you've lost when you reach the lower limit of your screen ?

Advanced rules ?

Yes there are, young man. look at these new coins :

You can see "RU" and "ER" pieces . When two "RU" are put together, they transform every coins of the type of the one they're touching in the screen, into the next type of coin. For example (it wasn't that clear, I know . I never said this game was easy to understand) , if you put two "RU" near a 5 yen piece, all the 5 yen pieces on screen will turn into 10 yen coins ! Two "ER" put together make the touched coin disappear, and every other coin of the same value. You'll learn to cherish these coins !

Combos :
when you master the basic rules of this game, you can start chaining transformations ! Even people in banks can't do that ... There's nothing more to say: there are many ways to chain transformations, you'll have to find out by yourself.

Trick (in two player mode only ... ) :
Coins aren't placed randomly on screen : it varies with the character you choose and the character you're fighting against ... So choose wisely your character ( mightdealer, mightdealer ... cuz' she's got no undies =) )

Now there's a little gallery :

To see this one, you'll have to be good, very good ... and if you wanna see the crappy ending sequence, you'll have to be even better... Good luck !

Bonus Stuff !

Here you can download the game . Beware, this game is especially scary if you are drunk like a skunk, or if you know someone from a boys band, or if you know the TenPointers (worse !). In order to use it, you'll have to use a NeoGeo emulator (I recommend NeoRage X, you'll find it easily with Altavista or any other search site).

Here are some of the wonderful musics of the game for your enjoyment ! Now your parties will be something to remember.



Now here's a little challenge ... I've practiced a lot and I believe I am a top player now =) I think I have a record:

45 points ... believe me, even for a TenPointer, it's something to think about twice. So if you're able to beat my score, send me the pic of it (take it with Neorage, using the Shot Factory). I'll be happy to display it here, in what we can call the Money Idol Exchanger's Hall of Fame... You can use any character you wish, good luck !  (you'll never beat me though)

Well, ok ... this record lasted about two days ... look at this one :

Yup, 57 ... and it seems someone also achieved 63 ... Now it's training again for me =) thank you lordBBH for this ... (I'll beat you someday, grmbl ...)

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